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PSYCHOLOGIST Clinical Supervisor

  • Expired date : January 14, 2019
  • Category: Healthcare
    • Location: Kabul city, Kabul
  • Jop type: Full-time
  • Salary: Salary As per Org Salary
  • Company name: Handicap International

Job Description

The objective of clinical supervision:
The main objective of clinical supervision is to provide a safe and confidential environment for staff to reflect on and discuss their work and their personal and professional responses to their work. The focus is on supporting staff in their personal and professional development and in reflecting on their practice.
Before commencing the service contract, the clinical supervisor will receive orientation from HI’s Global Mental Health Specialist, aiming to highlight HI positioning and practice of clinical supervision.
In addition to clinical supervision, counselling sessions will be extended to staff members of HI program who are faced with a situation where the services of a psychologist are needed. This will be confidential and at the volition of the staff member. The same level of confidentiality will be maintained.

Job details

Handicap International
As per Org Salary

Manimum 2 years of Clinical work

Bachelor in Counselling Psychology

The specific objective:
i. To work on professional issues (positions, values, representations, power relationships, counter-transference, impotence, aggression, anxiety) that team member might find difficult to broach in front of their peers.
ii. To allow team members to question their attitudes, words, perceptions, emotions, the actions and ethics of their work in order to better define their working style.
iii. To manage the risks of professional exhaustion or burn-out.
Expected results:
i. The team members become more aware of their practice by using this avenue to process various feeling (sadness, stress, hopelessness, helplessness etc.) which may arise from daily interaction with beneficiaries, thereby preventing psychological trauma and burn out.
ii. Team member become aware of the signs to look out to for in themselves and others to identify needs for help and support ( self- knowledge and self-understanding)
iii. Any points of concern are raised by the clinical supervisor, including and not limited to needs for individual follow-up through face to face sessions as assessed to be necessary.
iv. Team member becomes capable of questioning their relationships to others within the scope of their professional activities and, in particular, of their own personal experience.
v. Team member provides support according to the representations and values of the person being supported, while optimising personal development, not necessarily to meet a specific norm but improve the person’s mental health.
vi. The team member mobilises others' abilities to invest and construct within their environment. vii. The team member is able to accept other people's situations (without judgment and with empathy).
viii. The team member is able to remain grounded in themselves.
• Demonstrated experience in the field of psychology

Please send your CV and Cover letter to:
Note : Applications without mentioning the Position Title & Vacancy Number in the subject line of the email will NOT be considered. PWDs and females are particularly encouraged to apply
- HI has got strong stand on protection of beneficiaries.

4.5 Month

Probation Period: One Month
Submission Email:
About Organization / Company: About Handicap International: The situation of disability and Handicap International’s presence in the country: In Afghanistan, Handicap International conducted the National Disability Survey in Afghanistan 2005 (NDSA), with the cooperation of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled. The prevalence of persons with disabilities identified by the survey stands at 2.7% which represents a population of between 747,500 and 867,100 Afghans (according to the United Nations Population Fund estimates for the Afghan Ministry of Public Health finalized November 2004). This surmounts to every 1 in 5 households. After decades of war, which result in populations affected by conflict, forced displacement, malnutrition, absence of health care, etc., disability is a crucial issue. Families caring for a family member with a disability are more vulnerable and likely to be poor. The proportion of active members in a household is a relevant indicator of vulnerability. The risk of an event provoking poverty is lower when there are more active people to cope with the difficulty. Unemployment rates are systematically higher for persons with disabilities than for any other population group, 80% of which are located in countries which have adopted the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). Handicap International has been present in Afghanistan since the 1980’s, initially in the refugee camps in Pakistan and later in 1996 through the establishment of a national program in Afghanistan. Its work was initially centred on anti-mine actions, particularly in the South and West regions, and physical rehabilitation via an orthopaedic-fitting and rehabilitation centre in Kandahar. It has since expanded the scope of its work to include support to disabled people’s organizations and the economic and social inclusion of people with disabilities, including landmines and explosive remnants of war’s survivors. Today, Handicap International Afghanistan works in the Southern (Kandahar and Helmand), Western (Herat) and Central (Kabul) regions of Afghanistan, thus covering more than half of the people with disabilities in the country. Handicap International in Afghanistan currently operates projects both through local partners and directly, these are managed by about 200 national staff in three locations, two bases (Kandahar and Herat) and Kabul main office. HI works in the following sectors: Disability and Victim Assistance advocacy and awareness Capacity Building of Disabled People and Survivors Organisations Physical rehabilitation and training of Physiotherapists and P&O professionals Inclusive Livelihoods Emergency PSS and Physical Rehabilitation OBJECTIVES OF THE POST Main realisations to be achieved on the project and in the function – information relative to the Project Action Plan or programme strategy (e.g. : post to be taken over by a member of national staff at some point, transfer of activities to a partner, revision of HR policy, development of partnerships, definition of an X-year strategy, etc.). (5 lines) [1] “Disability and Poverty Reduction Strategies”, International Labour Organization, 2002.
Gender: Both
Number Of Post: 1
Vacancy Number: HI.2018.48
Extension possibility: select
Nationality: Afghan

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