Board of Supervisors (BOS)

  • Expired date : May 8, 2019
  • Category: Banking
    • Location: kabul, Kabul
  • Jop type: Undefined
  • Salary: $ as per organization salary range
  • Company name: Ghazanfar Bank

Job Description

Job Summary.
A. The Board of Supervisors should define appropriate governance structures and practices for its own work, and put in place the means for such practices to be followed and periodically reviewed for ongoing effectiveness.
B. The Board of Supervisors should structure itself in terms of leadership, size and the use of committees so as to effectively carry out its oversight role and other responsibilities. This includes ensuring that the Board has the time and means to cover all necessary subjects in sufficient depth and have a robust discussion of issues.

Duties& Responsibilities:
1.The Board of Supervisors of a bank shall have the following duties and powers:
2.Convene each session of the General Assembly and adopt the agenda for each session;
3.Approve the bank’s organizational structure;
4.Make decisions regarding the establishment and dissolving of subsidiaries, branch offices and representative offices of the bank;
5.Appoint, dismiss and determine the remuneration of the members of Board of Management of the bank;
6.Oversee the performance of the bank’s Board of Management;
7.Approve the bank’s business strategy and annual budget;
8.Approve policies for the conduct of operation performance, including the bank’s risk management policy, dealing with conflict of interest and issuance of guidance to Board of Management for implementation of those policies;
9.Determine the conditions under which credits may be granted by bank employees, and which credits require approval of the Board of Supervisors;
10.Ensure the establishment, functionality, appropriateness, adherence of DAB law and regulations and adequacy of internal controls and risk management for the bank;
11.Ensure the integrity of the bank’s financial reporting, including financial reporting to Da Afghanistan Bank;
12.Ensure that appropriate Internal Audit function is established;
13.Make recommendations to the General Assembly on matters requiring shareholder approval;
14.Make recommendations to the General Assembly concerning appointment of the external audit firm for the bank;
15.Ensure execution of bank’s annual external audit, which includes the auditor’s opinion of the truth and accuracy of the bank’s financial statements;
16.Make decisions concerning capital distributions, subject to requirements of Law and regulations of Da Afghanistan Bank, and what amount of the net profit of the bank shall be transferred to bank reserve;
17.Making decisions in accordance with the requirements of this law and related regulations regarding distribution of capital and net profit of bank which is determined as reserve fund.
18.Immediately inform Da Afghanistan Bank in writing, or require the Board of Management to do so, of any deterioration in the financial situation of the bank, or danger of such deterioration, and any other facts that may materially affect the financial situation of the bank, and in particular if the bank becomes undercapitalized;
19.Ensure implementations of directives and instructions of Da Afghanistan Bank;
20.Decide on other matters placed in the competence of the Board of Supervisors by the bank’s charter or by-laws.
21.The chair person of Board of Supervisors is responsible to introduce members of Board of Management to DAB for approval in no more than three months after the positions becomes vacant.
A.The Board of Supervisors is ultimately responsible, and is accountable to all stakeholders (including the General Assembly, depositors, and DAB) for the conduct of the bank’s affairs and condition. Although the board members cannot guarantee success, they are expected to supervise bank operations to ensure that they reflect sound planning, are effectively governed by comprehensive policies and internal control procedures, and are administered by competent management. While the Board of Supervisors may depend upon the Management Board’s technical, industrial, and managerial expertise to run the bank’s day-to-day operations, the board members remain responsible for ensuring that those operations are properly controlled, comply with the policies adopted by the Board of Supervisors and applicable laws and notifications, and are consistent with sound banking practices.
In meeting its overall commitment to the bank’s General Assembly, depositors, and community,

the Board of Supervisors must:

1.Ensure competent management;
2.Ensure that appropriate plans and policies are in place.
3.Monitor operations; ensure adequate internal controls and compliance with laws and decisions.
4.Oversee financial performance of the bank.
5.Prevent Conflicts of Interest.

Job details

Ghazanfar Bank
as per organization salary range

At least 7 years of experience in senior management or policy-making position in business, government, banking, community or civic affairs.

Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, economics, commerce, business administration or related field, Master’s degree is preferred

Qualifications and Job Requirement:

•At least seven years of experience in senior management or policy-making position in business, government, banking, community or civic affairs.
•A record of achievement in their chosen profession or field of business
•Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, economics, commerce, business administration or related field, Master’s degree is preferred.
•Basic knowledge of the banking industry, accounting and financial reporting and the laws and regulations that govern the operation of the institution.
•Understand the nature of bank risks and ensure that the bank’s risk management systems adequately address all relevant risks.
•Ability to provide strategic direction, conceptualize emerging trends and challenge innovation.
•A willingness to put the interests of the bank ahead of personal interests and avoid conflicts of interests.
•Background, knowledge, and experience in business or another discipline to oversee the bank.
•A willingness and ability to commit the time necessary to prepare for and regularly attend board and committee meetings.

After Approval of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) Contract per Year

Probation Period: One year with possibility of extension
Submission Email:
About Organization / Company: About Ghazanfar Bank
Ghazanfar Bank, a full-fledged licensed commercial Bank, commenced its operations in March 2009. The Share Holders of the Bank belongs to one of the leading business groups of Afghanistan. As a leading business house Ghazanfar Group is involved in various key businesses sectors as a front runner such as import and distribution of Petroleum/Gas and other various important industrial sectors. Ghazanfar Bank started off its operation from Kabul, Afghanistan and is offering key financial services both under conventional and Islamic Banking. The Bank has since opened up its Branches at various key locations such as Mazar Sharif, Hairatan, Kunduz, Takhar, Pule- Khumri, Jalalabad, Herat besides opening another five branches at Kabul in Sarai Shahzada, Shar-e-Naw, Karte Naw, Kute Sangi and Lese Maryam. In due course of time the Bank intends to expand its Branch Network in Kabul as well as at other key locations of the Country.
The Management Team of the Bank is comprised of highly experienced and qualified Bankers, Financial Experts, Accountants and Risk Managers with considerable expertise in all aspects of Banking. With the help of such a dynamic team the Bank is in a position to offer specialized skills in a traditional way in all related spheres such as counseling and advising on any financial matter, handling of foreign exchange transactions, handling of investments in a Depository Account, Islamic Banking transactions, Lending/Corporate Banking transactions, SME Lending transactions, Money Transfer transactions, Retail Banking transactions and International Trade related transactions.
Gender: Female
Number Of Post: 1
Vacancy Number: 5
Extension possibility: Yes
Nationality: Afghan

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