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Apps and web developer

  • Expired date : May 5, 2019
  • Category: Web / Development
    • Location: Kabul city, Kabul
  • Jop type: Full-time
  • Salary: $ As per Company Scale
  • Company name: Naikbeen Group

Job Description

Apps and Web developer must be able to to Create Android and ISO Apps
Uploading Apps in Apple Store and Google play.
Maintenance always to keep away from black list in Google play and Apply Store.
All Apps should be have Google Ads are and user can earn Credit to See Ads which we will configuring on it.
able to Build Cart Game as per requirement.
Cart Game should be have online Player and integration with His/Her Facebook Friend
must be able to Develop all kind of web data base and web development.
Commercial website social website and database.

Job details

Naikbeen Group
As per Company Scale

2 to 3 year


Apps and web developer Should have knowledge of
2 to 3 year Experience in related Field
C++ and other related
Coral Derow
Dynamic Website
other programming related work

Qualified Person can send HIs/Her CV Using form which located at the right side of page.

Technical question will be answering before closing date only for telephone call at Degistatl +93-20-233-1010

One Year

Probation Period: 3 month
Submission Email:
About Organization / Company: About Us

Naikbeen Group Formed in 2002 as a family-owned company, NAIKBEEN GROUP OF COMPANIES has established itself as a leader in the areas of consultancy project, Human Resources outsourcing Managements, Information technologies, Promotional Supply, HR Service, Manufacturer & Support as well as Order Fulfillment.
We have opened many offices locally and are spreading our operations by incorporating into new industries and Services, Through our actions we are able to offer employment for the youth of Afghanistan and also train them to learn and prosper throughout their career.

We take it upon ourselves to ensure that everything should be done for the improvements of the living standards of Afghan citizens. One of the group's goals is to bring foreign investment in Afghanistan and to increase the standard of quality and performance. We also try to raise the benchmark for performance and quality amongst our competitors so that a competitive environment is created which would benefit the public and would give us a reason to pursue a higher quality standard. We constantly review our strategy and work on introducing measures, which would help our clients and us both.

Business Registration:
Registered in Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA); Registration Number is ( D-29918 )
And Registered In Afghanistan Chamber Of Commerce Industrial (ACCI), Also we are Golden Member of (ACCI).
Gender: Both
Number Of Post: 1
Vacancy Number: NCP12
Extension possibility: Yes
Nationality: Afghan

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