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  • Expired date : May 23, 2019
  • Category: Healthcare
    • Location: Sar-e- Dawra , Kunduz
  • Jop type: Full-time
  • Salary: Salary According to Organization salary scale
  • Company name: Handicap International

Job Description

1.In order to improve the physical rehabilitation process, assess the physical needs and capacities of the beneficiaries

•Conduct visits to individuals and families, including children, in the community and/or in hospital or other service facilities if required.
•Be able to screen for the set of core specific needs ( physical rehabilitation and Psychosocial needs ) to individuals and families alongside other members of the team
•After initial screening , Identify the nature and severity of rehabilitation needs through the technical assessment
•Fill the different assessments and referral forms, when required, according to the assessment’s criteria
•According to the outcomes of the assessment of the beneficiaries’ needs, elaborate an appropriate action plan and, when required, ensure coordination with the Social Worker, The MRE Workers and the PSS workers.

2.Offer secure and appropriate physical rehabilitation provision combined with psychosocial support within his area of competency ( according terms of reference of intervention of the mobile team )

•Provide rehabilitation services based on the informed consent of the beneficiary and adapted to her/his needs, taking into account the limitations of the emergency responses and psychosocial needs of the beneficiaries.
•Actively involve the beneficiaries at all stages of the assessment and response, in order to ensure the relevance and sustainability of the intervention.
•Detect any evolution of the cases and will modify the action plan accordingly or refer to relevant colleague, superior or stakeholders
•Provide assistive device upon identified needs to the beneficiary to improve his mobility
•Use secure and respectful methods when working with beneficiary
•Ensure a proper follow up of the cases
•Ensure the responsibility of the service provided to the beneficiary
•Identify his/her own limits and ask for support before any acts that could cause harm to beneficiary

3.Refer beneficiary to other services when needed:

•Identify needs for referrals to other relevant stakeholders and monitor referrals conducted in coordination with the Social Workers and the Project Officer
•Recognize emergency situation or situations that need immediate medical care or protection measure and react in consequence making efforts to ensure that beneficiary get the appropriate services in close link with the Social Workers

4.Record, Report, develop the tools and planning

•Maintain complete individual files for each person, including detailed descriptions of services provided and evolution of the case
•Ensure that complete beneficiary pack is properly filled and signed
•Write case studies on beneficiaries and activities of the project as advising for potential capitalisation and data analysis activities .
•Respect all guidelines and documentation within the project; keep data records for each individual and group sessions
•Document any protection concerns and report them to your line manager
•Ensure a daily quantitative and qualitative reporting through the tools (assessment form, follow up form, discharge and monitoring form, donation certificate) and system in place
•Any other reports to be made upon line manager request
•Participate to the improvement of the activities protocol, tools and guidelines to ensure a qualitative comprehensive intervention
•Actively participate to all the project meeting, technical follow-up, internal and external trainings related to your position according to your line manager instructions
•Contribute to the organization of the weekly plan within the multidisciplinary team, with the support of the team leader.
5.To build other team members’ and partners’ member’s capacities

•Work in a constructive way with the PSS workers, MRE workers and the Social Workers
•Provide technical advices and/or training for hospital or other humanitarian partners' staffs as per request of your line manager
•Provide training or sensitization sessions

6.Materials Management

•Identify material, equipment, assistive device needed, timely formulate requests, and ensure appropriate use/distribution

7.Demonstrate willingness to improve professional competences and abilities to increase care quality:

•Demonstrate motivation at work.
•Demonstrate willingness to improve his/her own knowledge and skills by participating actively in any training sessions, capacity building activities…
•Participate in the different activities that are common to all team members (identification of needs of beneficiaries, internal and/or external referrals)
•Respect each team member’s positions, work, and specificity
•Adapt to special situations or demands from supervisor (reporting, etc.)

8.Respect hygiene and security rules

•The PT respects and applies basic hygiene rules;
•He/she maintains equipment clean and secured.
•He/she observes at all times strict commitment to Handicap International Security & Safety regulations as per procedures in place at mission level
•He/she supports information internal dissemination to relevant focal persons at mission level aiming at reinforcing security and safety of Handicap International staff and assets

9.Demonstrate an ethics and professional practice:

•Show professional ethics, respect and promote Handicap International mandate
•Among others, he/she respects beneficiary’s privacy and confidentiality (he/she only share medical information with medical staff/persons directly involved in beneficiary’s care)
•Respect the Handicap International protection of children policy and protection of beneficiaries from sexual exploitation and abuse policyand report to your line manager any non-respect of HI’s policies amongst the teams or partners.
•Report any incident or act that causes any harm to beneficiary or to others.
•Always interact with children with the presence of their parents or caregivers
•Always respect a refusal of service.
•Work with the best of knowledge and abilities to offer a good quality psychosocial support
•Show abilities and competences to execute an efficient rehabilitation intervention.

Job details

Handicap International
According to Organization salary scale

At least one year of Experience with relevant field

At least 3 years Physiotherapy Diploma

Knowledge required.


•.Studies in rehabilitation


•Experience in hospital settings is an asset
•Familiar with MS Office (Word, Excel) and internet.

Skills required.


•Excellent written & spoken in Dari and Pashto
•Written and spoken English is an asset
•Abilities to work within a team and collaborate
•Ability to work with diverse beneficiaries
•Strong interpersonal, communication skills and active listening skills
•Able to work both independently and in a multicultural team environment
•Able to work under pressure and in unstable environment
•Willing to learn and develop professionally


•Open and interested in disability issues
•Capable of goodwill and humanity behaviors
•Good organization skills
•Abilities to properly communicate with patients, families/caretakers and medical staff
•Adheres to the project’s vision: a world in which all forms of disabilities can be prevented, cared for or integrated, and in which the rights of people with disabilities are respected and applied.

7 Months

Probation Period: 3 Months
Submission Email:
About Organization / Company: Handicap International (HI) is and international non-governmental organization which works to improve condition and quality of life of people with disabilities in the developing world and post –conflict zones. Handicap International currently operates under new logo Humanity and Inclusion and develops projects and actions to fights the causes of disability and ensures that the needs and rights of people with disabilities are taken into consideration. HI is present in 55 countries worldwide and Afghanistan is one of countries where Organization has more than 20 years’ work history.
Gender: Female
Number Of Post: one
Vacancy Number: HI/2019/08
Extension possibility: No
Nationality: Afghan
Start Date: June 1, 2019
Submission Guideline : The qualified candidate can send their CV to and cc

Note: Application without mentioning the vacancy number will not be considered.

disables are highly encouraged to apply.

HI has strong stand on Protection of beneficiary from sexual exploitation and Abuse.

"The Physiotherapist will have to create and maintain an environment which prevents sexual exploitation and abuse and promotes the implementation of the code of conduct"

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