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  • Expired date : June 15, 2019
  • Category: Hospital
    • Location: Jalalabad, Nangarhar Region
  • Jop type:
  • Salary: Salary
  • Company name: HealthNet TPO

Job Description

Job location:​Public Health Hospital, Jalalabad
Place in the organization:​Hierarchically and functionally responsible to the Relevant Ward Head Nurse and Nursing Director
Key duties and responsibilities:

1. Provide health education and counseling to women on all aspects in relation to pregnancy, childbirth, nutrition, hygiene and family planning.
2. Provide care and advice for women during pregnancy. Where the pregnancy is normal, the midwife is expected to be the main caregiver.
3. Inform and refer the woman to a doctor in cases of a high-risk pregnancy or when complications occur.
4. Provide ANC, PNC and delivery care.
5. Provide total care and support for the woman in labour.
6. Conduct normal and breech deliveries and where necessary, perform episiotomies and suturing.
7. Perform life saving and emergency measures on the patient where a doctor is not available, including manual removal of placenta, maternal resuscitation and bimanual compression of the placenta.
8. Provide the immediate care for the newborn baby and where necessary perform neonatal resuscitation.
9. Support and advise the mother on infant feeding and vaccination. Promote exclusive breastfeeding.
10. Provide care to women and support to women with gynecological disorders or undergoing gynecological treatment. This may include manual vacuum aspiration.
11. Maintain and ensure safe storage of all equipment you use. Report faults and damaged equipment. Ensure safe waster disposable of relevant rooms (used gauze, sharps, D/S etc).

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