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Junior Professional(Products Management)

  • Expired date : July 11, 2019
  • Category: Administration
    • Location: Kabul city, Kabul
  • Jop type: Full-time
  • Salary: $ 150 USD
  • Company name: COMSIS Solutions

Job Description

-          Directly working with the Products Manager the main area of the Junior Professional will be to identify products, market, understand them and sell them globally. One of the biggest area that initially the junior professional will be working on will be the ASEEL app; however, further products will be introduced to Afghanistan and globally with AWAL and the Products Management Junior Professional will be the go-to person for them. There is a lot of opportunities for exploration, innovation and travel in this area. The will be provided with visual audio/video equipment and will be trained heavily on social media usage.

Job details

COMSIS Solutions
150 USD

BBA, economics or any relevant field

• Work under close supervision.
• Typically, has little decision-making ability.
• Have no budgetary responsibility or ability to spend without approval.
• Requires that the person is motivated and has great potential for future. Incumbents will have to be able to speak about their plans at the interview.
• Be able to use search engines such as google, eBay, Amazon.
• Use his/her creativity in searching Google, Ebay, Amazon and other relevant sites to find accurate information.
• Be able to use computer software (windows, office)
• This position requires strict punctuality.
• This position have potential for promotion.
• Depending on the candidate situation, financial education assistance and career guidance will be provide

one year

Probation Period: 45days
Submission Email:
About Organization / Company: Awal is a transformation agency that works for delivering initiatives of its own and provides a platform for other startups and organizations to make an impact around the world. Awal provides technical solutions, builds communities, connects startups and equips governments to make a positive impact in the world.
Gender: Any
Number Of Post: 2
Vacancy Number: 007
Extension possibility: Yes
Nationality: Afghan
Start Date: June 11, 2019
Submission Guideline : Interested applicants can send their CVs to

Please mention the job title and vacancy number in the subject line of your email.

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