Australia Awards scholarships

Australia Awards scholarships

The University of South Australia is proud to be partnered with the Australian Government to help provide students with a valuable opportunity to study in Australia.

Each new group of Australia Awards students adds diversity to our campuses and helps foster new and stronger relationships between Australia and our neighbouring countries.

As an Australia Awards scholar you will gain an incredible study experience, while living and working in Australia, as well as the chance to build relationships and networks that will last a lifetime.

Areas of study

Explore the different study areas and degrees available at UniSA, including undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs.

You can also find out more about the priority study areas for your country via the Australian Government Australia Awards website.

Participating Countries and Scholarship Dates

You can find out which participating countries are eligible for Australia Awards Scholarships on the DFAT Australia Awards website. Make sure to check this website first!

Each participating country for Australia Awards scholarships has its own in country office and different opening and closing dates.


As an Australia Awards scholarship recipient you are required to attend the pre-departure briefing organised by your in-country office. Your UniSA Student Contact Officer also provides you with pre-departure information which we encourage you to read prior to departure.

Introductory Academic Program (IAP)

All Australia Awards students are required to undertake this compulsory program upon arrival in Australia and prior to commencing their main program of study. UniSA holds the introductory program twice a year and your UniSA Offer Letter will include the dates for this program. The Introductory Academic Program will occur directly before you begin your first component of study at UniSA and will help you become familiar with UniSA facilities and resources.

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